What is CCleaner ?
For Windows CCleaner is an important program. CCleaner deletes unnecessary files and unnecessary Windows registry entries and unused on Windows. Repeated also Windows deletes the files. If you want you can remove programs with CCleaner. In this way, allows you to use the computer faster.
To delete unnecessary files to use the program a lot a lot of people. Thanks to CCleaner, you can delete a lot of unnecessary files with a single click. Web browser cache, Temporary Files, Windows log files, such as a file you can delete with a single click.
The desired setting with CCleaner. You can choose the files to be deleted. Moreover, in case CCleaner does not delete files deleted accidentally. CCleaner to delete 2. A you must click. In this way, important files prevents the deletion of an incorrect.
As a result, CCleaner system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. Although it is distributed as freeware CCleaner, on behalf of more performance and more efficient use it is recommended to use the professional version.

What’s new in this version:

Improved Firefox Session and Cache cleaning
Improved Chrome and Opera History cleaning
Updated Windows Explorer MRU cache cleaning
Optimized Auto Update process (Professional only)
Improved 64-bit build architecture on Windows 10
Minor GUI improvements
Updated ZoneAlarm cleaning
Minor bug fixes

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