Proxy SwitchySharp

Proxy switcher, computer and Internet users are different from time to time or by using more than one IP address is one of the popular programs that addresses the needs of navigation.

Thanks to proxy switcher owned by the program that exists outside your real IP address that is assigned from a pool of IP address you can use. Thanks to this change, normally you could be accepted to the pages you rejected it.

Some file-sharing sites on the same IP address within a certain period of time during their service allows you to download the file. With proxy switcher, you can see you as a different user changing the IP address file sharing sites.

when we are in a period of chrome started to be increasingly more widely used. especially the Add-ons in Chrome with Firefox closing very fast the gap between in the near future I guess that would be the first choice of many computer users.

proxy switcher chrome plugin with proxy server (i.e. proxy) is responding to the requests of users that use it.

proxy switcher here you can find details about the rest of the article.

why a proxy server?

the proxy server (proxy server) over the internet, a local area network or the internet that is connected to a switch that provides the relationship between a computer and the outside world (gateway) system. every computer user, but not a service that many users use for different purposes. the most important of these objectives-security, ip-controlled access to electronic resources on the local network to preserve bandwidth and so on.

to use a proxy server, especially in recent years, with the spread of electronic journals and books, staff and students in the universities is the most widely used method for off campus access to these resources.

with a proxy server

a user connects to the Internet to configure network settings to use a proxy server HTTP, HTTPS, and connects through this proxy in all Internet protocols such as FTP. thus, if we take the example of the University, the user is at home, even all that are subscribed to be inside the campus can access the electronic content. when it tries to access the same site on different computers or on a network server instead of cache memory the information in the website is fetched from the site incurred in acting. this also ensures the preservation of bandwidth. (the best example of this, at the end of the 1990s and the early 2000s, ulaknet is used in the proxy service). Continue reading


More popular rapidly in recent Retrica photo editing application. You can use this little app on your tablet or on your mobile phone with great features that accommodates. After editing your photos with retrica, you can offer to the appreciation of your friends. On Facebook or Instagram, you can share it with your circle on social media sites like Twitter.

As we say in the program likely already has many features already popular Momentcam has his popularity gone, Retrica more began to be used. Retrica normal and are available in the Internet version of the intro. So you cannot use the paid version because it is intro in the top ten features we do not recommend that you download the intro version. You are free to use all of the many features in the normal version.

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The program is available in the Apple Store or the Google Play Store retrica. If you need from these stores, you can download the application from our website.

Welcome to our page where you can download Retrica for Android and iOS first. Your photos and this showing the effect of super high resolution Retrica that you can give effects to your photos free Turkish mobile application. Android-based interface that you can use with ease on your mobile phones and unlike with other effects granting practices is one of the programs within custom filter that holds 80. Now take vintage style photos with retrica is possible.

Retrica features

There’s a vintage filter full 80, but 25 of them, you can use the pro version, the free version is limited in normal.

Collage options and a timer option.

Retrica you want your own album if you want to save to your phone you can save your work.

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Winrar compress files and open compressed file formats located on your computer in different formats that you can use to compress a file and the compressed file to open a program with advanced features. You can purchase the fee by giving the programme the chance to use it in a way that has the characteristics of free full version, too; most preferred among users plays a big role in having a file compression program WinRAR.

Both 32-bit and 64-bit support, the program at the same time have Turkish language support Turkish users is very important. RAR, ZIP, 7-ZIP, ISO, cab, ARJ, lzh, tar, ACE, gzip, uue, bzip2, more WinRAR archive offering support for many different file extension and that you have the most advanced features thanks to the opponent also taking notice to the many that take place in the market.

How are downloaded and installed WinRAR?
Below we have prepared for you “Winrar download and setup” video, and how seamlessly you can download onto your computer with the help of WinRAR you can see how to complete the setup steps.

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GOM Player

GOM player for all your video and audio files contained on the hard drives of computer users are easily is a free media player which has been developed to enable you to play. In the market that plays all popular audio and video codecs built-in GOM player supports file extensions and seamlessly thanks to the engine, you don’t need to download extra Codec Pack users.

A fairly easy after the installation, that they don’t want to use GOM player as the default Media Player users are asked to select the files you want GOM player to play with and also a chance to help you are offered. The installation process is completed in a short time, after when you first run the program, the media need to improve your performance as prepared for configuration to specify the settings once.

Even though you are using the first program, user-friendly and intuitive interface thanks to should have no trouble with whether I can tell you. If you’ve used a media player already, you’ll very quickly get used to the interface of GOM player.

GOM player open and click on the right mouse click menu on the user interface of the many functions of the program and with the help of the function directly you can reach. Also with the help of control buttons located at the bottom of the media player you can easily manage your audio and video files. Apart from all these, a nice feature of the support offered to users of GOM player theme. In this way, you can customize the way you want your media player, and GOM player can use by selecting your favorite theme.

During my tests any freeze, hang or crash and playback of all media formats such as problems encountered during operations of the computer I haven GOM player moves seamlessly without affecting the overall performance definitely works. AVI, MPEG, DAT, WMV, ASF, ASX, MP4, MKV and all media formats such as, and more the program supports also advanced subtitle support.

SMI, SRT, RT, sub program running smoothly and many more subtitle formats, subtitles allows you to customize the way you want. So any synchronous shift between videos and your captions if you can solve in a simple way that even with GOM player.

Can prepare your own playlists, subtitles the equalizer settings that you can customize any way you want, you can do your video you can customize the settings so that you can have a media player, and much more free and powerful if you need GOM player you should try.

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Advanced SystemCare

Advanced systemcare, situated between the most successful programs in terms of speeding up Computer Computer maintenance and system optimization program.

Your computers which is a software that you can download free of charge and start using it after using it for a time advanced systemcare your computer that over time starts to work and liven up a heavy to return it back to its original state that hosts many different useful tools that you can use a system optimization tool. Advanced systemcare allow you to perform complex operations in just a few clicks maintenance and optimization.

In between maintenance and optimization tools advanced systemcare provides tools to help you clean up junk files and fix registry errors. Such errors and unneeded files in your operating system of late opening and closing, causing your computer to react to the commands of late. Thanks advanced systemcare disk Defrag and registry defragmentation operations that you can perform. In this way, disk performance is increasing.

Advanced systemcare speed up the opening of Windows except for the issue of speeding up the operation of Windows and users gives you the opportunity to work with security measures. Change the homepage and browser plugin uninstall advanced systemcare browser protection tools for blocking issues solutions. If your Internet browser unwanted 3. party software and plug-ins has been possessed by If you can benefit from this tool, you can perform the process of changing the homepage and. Advanced systemcare prevents unauthorized modification of your browser and your homepage and your default search engine continuously checks.

You can have traces of browsing automatically on the Internet with advanced systemcare. You can configure the program to automatically delete traces of your Internet privacy when browser is closed.

Advanced systemcare by iobit makes it easy to access to other useful tools that have been developed in that part of the tool kit. Advanced systemcare in your computer’s performance in games or applications section of the turbo power it gives you the opportunity to upgrade to suit your needs. This tool in Windows, System Services, and 3. party services control, and by the ending of the minor ones apps or games that you are working on more funding. Thus, this eliminates the need of games and apps more comfortable working and performance degradation.

This program is located in the list of best free Windows programs.

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Windows Live Movie Maker

To prepare your own movies with Windows Live movie maker is the first software that comes to mind. Produced by Microsoft Movie Maker you can create Movies of your photos with video, and very exclusive.

Transition effects into movies, with useful tools such as adding text in the Regulations of the program is very easy. Film and video into a single movie or combine video and pictures to cut the desired part of the program, squeezing a little.

If you wish, you can make your movie in Windows Live Movie Maker by choosing from the themes. Adding or the deletion of existing film sounds custom sounds and music can still be done with the program. You have prepared a movie, YouTube, Facebook, direct upload to sharing sites such as Windows Live SkyDrive, you can save it to the desktop or to a DVD, and mobile devices you can send to.

2012 version launch it.

Sound wave imaging
Vibration and shake reduction Video
Online voice and adding a song
Video interaction
Easy sharing

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Hotspot Shield

Hotspot shield which is VPN based software, and disabled program and the site banned in our country, Internet users typically VPN software is one of the introduction to the program as they refer. Users on both the internet and local networks hotspot shield that protects against any online threats that may experience in order to secure privacy and browse anonymously on the internet allows you to hide your IP address.

Web services that are running to capture your personal information with third-party software and service providers will protect you against the program, which at the same time, with disabilities to enter and how to enter blocked sites and the sites will help you on this way you will be able to enjoy browsing on the internet for free.

Changing the DNS does not have knowledge about the process of changing DNS or hotspot shield offering a highly effective solution for users who don’t want to deal with that has a simple and user friendly interface can be used by computer users of all levels. Placed on the market with similar programs much more convenient and simple software with a single click, you can start to wander freely and safely on the internet.

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Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager, internet download your file via a powerful download manager that allows you to do the process up to 5 times faster. Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and all popular Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, which can be integrated with IDM, at the same time, lets you continue your downloads where you left off unfinished.

The practice which has a user interface very clean and well organized, large and good-looking buttons thanks to all the users makes it very easy for file management operations. That can occur as a download on all downloads to different folders according to the type of the downloaded files to prevent confusion and for a complete layout is provided. Also in the program through the Advanced Settings menu, you can download sources and make the necessary arrangements for different file types.

Internet Download Manager can update itself automatically when a new update comes out, which, in this way, users consistently using the most current version of the program allows you to keep.

Located on also IDM, drag and drop support, a Task Scheduler, virus protection, adding to the download queue, https support, command line parameters, sounds, ZIP preview, proxy servers, and quota progressive download features such as thanks to users, Users have all the features they might need a Download Manager.

Encountered any problems during my tests using very low amounts of system resources, Internet Download Manager. I have to say that of course depends on the file size and download speed.

As a result that have advanced features that you can use to download your files over the internet if you require a professional program, I suggest you to try Internet Download Manager necessarily.

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We know with the success of AVG security software, PC speed up, data recovery, computer maintenance software to help in various subjects such as for AVG PC TuneUp version 2014 released. AVG PC TuneUp on your computer and the software applications and the management of the resource through the removal of unnecessary uses your bodrum escort computer as the file returns to its original state, in addition to increasing the performance of the game with turbo mode and Internet acceleration solution uretir. on issues such as

While maintaining mugla escort the features in the old version the new version is the extension of battery life for portable computers, optimize disk space usage and in increasing the stability of the system brings important improvements. To speed up computer AVG PC TuneUp owned tools and features include:

marmaris escort The Disk Cleanup Tool:

With this tool your computer by deleting unnecessary files computer space by identifying unnecessary files that take up inflated and you can ease your mind. In this way, your computer will respond to commands even more quickly

Disk Defragmentation Tool:

The disk defragmentation tool on your hard drive with easier access to this data by collecting data that is used you can activate. Thus, significantly increases your disk performance.

Registry Editing:

TuneUp editing the registry AVG PC feature 2 consists of different components. Registry defragmentation process, the data are used to optimize your registry this by offering faster access to data and applications is accelerated. Takes unnecessary space in your registry cleaning the registry with the component inputs are detected, cleaned, and reassured the functioning of your computer.

Speed Up Internet:

Sets and enforces specific settings for your Internet connection AVG PC TuneUp, thus helps to get the most from your connection.

Erase Internet history:

Tips left by your Internet browser that will give away your personal information remains and is cleaned by AVG PC TuneUp. In this way, your browser more comfortable works. Continue reading

Registry Recycler

You can clear the registry of your computer and optimize Registry Recycler is a free application that is designed for you to be able to.

Any corrupt, and outdated entries that scans the registry for analyzes. Afterwards, you can easily resolve the problem on your registry problems that occur by displaying individual.

Also with the feature of automatic error correction with a single click, you can resolve registry problems with a single click and you can undo your actions in case of any mistake.

Even a novice user can easily program one of the most beautiful parts of the PC by cleaning the registry of your computer can solve the performance problems.

If you want to give your computer a performance boost Registry registry and resolve your issues recycler I suggest you try.

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