We know with the success of AVG security software, PC speed up, data recovery, computer maintenance software to help in various subjects such as for AVG PC TuneUp version 2014 released. AVG PC TuneUp on your computer and the software applications and the management of the resource through the removal of unnecessary uses your computer as the file returns to its original state, in addition to increasing the performance of the game with turbo mode and Internet acceleration solution uretir. on issues such as

While maintaining the features in the old version the new version is the extension of battery life for portable computers, optimize disk space usage and in increasing the stability of the system brings important improvements. To speed up computer AVG PC TuneUp owned tools and features include:

The Disk Cleanup Tool:

With this tool your computer by deleting unnecessary files computer space by identifying unnecessary files that take up inflated and you can ease your mind. In this way, your computer will respond to commands even more quickly

Disk Defragmentation Tool:

The disk defragmentation tool on your hard drive with easier access to this data by collecting data that is used you can activate. Thus, significantly increases your disk performance.

Registry Editing:

TuneUp editing the registry AVG PC feature 2 consists of different components. Registry defragmentation process, the data are used to optimize your registry this by offering faster access to data and applications is accelerated. Takes unnecessary space in your registry cleaning the registry with the component inputs are detected, cleaned, and reassured the functioning of your computer.

Speed Up Internet:

Sets and enforces specific settings for your Internet connection AVG PC TuneUp, thus helps to get the most from your connection.

Erase Internet history:

Tips left by your Internet browser that will give away your personal information remains and is cleaned by AVG PC TuneUp. In this way, your browser more comfortable works.

Permanently delete the file:

When you delete files that are stored on your computer, these files can be restored with data recovery software. AVG PC TuneUp when you use this feature, you may delete these files permanently, you can provide your personal information security. AVG PC TuneUp overhaul to bring it back to your disk space the files previously stored in this area also prevents.

File Recovery:

Your USB memory, hard drive, or restore your files accidentally deleted from your camera with this tool you can

Task Manager:

AVG PC TuneUp malware task manager has been disabled by the task manager that comes with Windows and allows you to check off helps you to control your computer when the applications.

Uninstall The Program:

Completely remove programs from your computer with AVG PC TuneUp you may no longer need.

Apart of these features listed, plus many other handy feature in AVG PC TuneUp are given.

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