Proxy SwitchySharp

Proxy switcher, computer and Internet users are different from time to time or by using more than one IP address is one of the popular programs that addresses the needs of navigation.

Thanks to proxy switcher owned by the program that exists outside your real IP address that is assigned from a pool of IP address you can use. Thanks to this change, normally you could be accepted to the pages you rejected it.

Some file-sharing sites on the same IP address within a certain period of time during their service allows you to download the file. With proxy switcher, you can see you as a different user changing the IP address file sharing sites.

when we are in a period of chrome started to be increasingly more widely used. especially the Add-ons in Chrome with Firefox closing very fast the gap between in the near future I guess that would be the first choice of many computer users.

proxy switcher chrome plugin with proxy server (i.e. proxy) is responding to the requests of users that use it.

proxy switcher here you can find details about the rest of the article.

why a proxy server?

the proxy server (proxy server) over the internet, a local area network or the internet that is connected to a switch that provides the relationship between a computer and the outside world (gateway) system. every computer user, but not a service that many users use for different purposes. the most important of these objectives-security, ip-controlled access to electronic resources on the local network to preserve bandwidth and so on.

to use a proxy server, especially in recent years, with the spread of electronic journals and books, staff and students in the universities is the most widely used method for off campus access to these resources.

with a proxy server

a user connects to the Internet to configure network settings to use a proxy server HTTP, HTTPS, and connects through this proxy in all Internet protocols such as FTP. thus, if we take the example of the University, the user is at home, even all that are subscribed to be inside the campus can access the electronic content. when it tries to access the same site on different computers or on a network server instead of cache memory the information in the website is fetched from the site incurred in acting. this also ensures the preservation of bandwidth. (the best example of this, at the end of the 1990s and the early 2000s, ulaknet is used in the proxy service). Continue reading