More popular rapidly in recent Retrica photo editing application. You can use this little app on your tablet or on your mobile phone with great features that accommodates. After editing your photos with retrica, you can offer to the appreciation of your friends. On Facebook or Instagram, you can share it with your circle on social media sites like Twitter.

As we say in the program likely already has many features already popular Momentcam has his popularity gone, Retrica more began to be used. Retrica normal and are available in the Internet version of the intro. So you cannot use the paid version because it is intro in the top ten features we do not recommend that you download the intro version. You are free to use all of the many features in the normal version.

The program is available in the Apple Store or the Google Play Store retrica. If you need from these stores, you can download the application from our website.

Welcome to our page where you can download Retrica for Android and iOS first. Your photos and this showing the effect of super high resolution Retrica that you can give effects to your photos free Turkish mobile application. Android-based interface that you can use with ease on your mobile phones and unlike with other effects granting practices is one of the programs within custom filter that holds 80. Now take vintage style photos with retrica is possible.

Retrica features

There’s a vintage filter full 80, but 25 of them, you can use the pro version, the free version is limited in normal.

Collage options and a timer option.

Retrica you want your own album if you want to save to your phone you can save your work.

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